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Film assessment: The tale of ‘Simba’ puts the life of Ranveer in the extraordinary tale

September 28, 2018

Movies – Simba

Cinema Type – Action Drama

Artists – Ranveer Singh, Sarah Ali Khan, Sonu Sood, Ashutosh Rana, Siddharth Jadhav

Director – Rohit Shetty

Duration-2 hours 45 minutes


Ranbir Singh and Sarah Ali Khan’s movie ‘Simba’ is finally being released. This is Ranveer’s first film after marriage. This is his second film after Sarah Ali Khan’s fabulous debut. The glimpse of director Rohit Shetty’s movie ‘Singham’ also appears in ‘Simba’. There is considerable enthusiasm about ‘Simba’ in viewers for these reasons. But will this film be able to get your hopes alive? Let’s know.


Orphan boy Sangram Bhalerao alias Simba (Ranvir Singh), who lives in Shivaji’s village of ‘Bajirao Singham’ of ‘Singham’, becomes a police officer in the greed of making money. Posting of Simba is in the Miramar Police Station of Goa. Here is King Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood) of the black world. The person who does not wander on the road but does not leave it if someone comes in his way.

Simba joins hands with debt for the sake of money. Along with the police station, she is in love with Shagun (Sarah Ali Khan) who runs the canteen. The story goes forward, then Simba and Sangram are facing each other in front of each other. What happens is that the two brothers who believe in each other become the enemy of each other. Do you have to see the movie to know whether Simba walks on justice or sells iman ahead of money.

Direction and cinematography

Rohit Shetty has directed the film. The special features of Rohit’s directorial appear in Simba. In every scene, he gave his guidance. He has presented Ranveer as a Simba in a beautiful way. Jomon T. John’s cinematography is fantastic.


The music of the film is given by Tanishq Bagchi, Leo George, DJ Chetas and S. Thaman. The song of the eye is already hit. The background score of Amar Mohile, Chandan Saxena and S. Thaman is appreciable.

Special points

1 Ajay Devgan’s cameo on Ranveer Singh’s action is like a gold smile.

2 movie dialogues are very good Those who laugh, cry and teach a lot

3 Directions and Cinematography

There is also a message in the film 4.

5 You can watch this movie with the whole family.

Weak links

There is nothing new in the story 1.

2 movie is quite long. Could be 30 minutes short

3 The story goes forward in what will happen next.

4 Sarah Ali Khan’s character is very small. They are rarely seen.

See or not see

Though the story of the film is old but it does all your entertainment. You can see it with the whole family.


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