Elizabeth Hurley 53 Reveals Insane Cleavage In Majorly Plunging Purple Swimsuit

What a babe! As if she hasn’t already blessed us with enough bathing suit selfies, Liz just showed off her sexy figure in a bright one-piece. Take a look!

In case you forgot that Elizabeth Hurley, 53, doesn’t age, the actress reminded us just how unbelievable she looks with her Sept. 10 Instagram post. And all we want to know is, how is she real? Liz was rocking a purple one-piece with gold detail from her swimwear collection Elizabeth Hurley Beach when she snapped a sexy shot in her bathroom. While the bright swimsuit kept her mostly covered up, its plunging neckline reached almost to her belly button and showed off her major cleavage. Guess we can add this to the list of times Liz has made a one-piece even sexier than a bikini! And to make the hot shot even better, her hair hung down in loose waves.

“Four days into my detox  retreat at @vivamayr taking ‘the cure,” she said. “It’s brutal but I’m beginning to get my mojo back.” Well, her hard work must be paying off because she looks fantastic! This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a look at Elizabeth’s hot summer bod, though. TBH, it seems like she’s been in a different bathing suit every day, and we don’t know what to be more jealous of — her swimwear collection or her fit figure. Whether she’s hula hooping in a pink bikini, posing on a boat in a turquoise one-piece or sharing topless pool footage, she’s been keeping summer hot, hot, hot!

“Liz has a lot of tricks for staving off hunger pangs, but her main one, that she swears by, is to cook-up a huge pot of vegetable soup that she’ll help herself to a cup of whenever she’s tempted to raid the fridge,” a source close to Liz told EXCLUSIVELY. “Liz also drinks a LOT of water, which is great for the complexion, as well as the digestive system, and she always starts off her day by drinking a large glass of really warm water as soon as she wakes up. As for working out, Liz absolutely hates going to the gym, but she forces herself to go for a brisk 30 minute walk each morning, and she always does at least twenty minutes of sit-ups every day too.”

That regimen sure doesn’t sound easy, but it looks worth it. Liz’s bathing suit body is phenomenal!


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