Bachelor In Paradise Kendall Rushes To Chicago To Win Joe Back

January 5, 2018 Bollywood Articles

Kendall and Joe ended things on part one of the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale, but after leaving the show, she had a change of heart and fought to get him back. But…did it work?

Joe Amabile left Bachelor in Paradise pissed off before the final rose ceremony after Kendall Long told him she wasn’t certain about their future together. The devastating breakup left Kendall in tears, but during part two of the finale on Sept. 11, we saw it was far from the end for these two. After returning home, Kendall realized that she didn’t want to lose Joe, and flew to Chicago to beg for his forgiveness. Of course, the cameras were there to capture her last-ditch attempt at making things right.

“Every single day when I got back I was crying or thinking about you,” she told him. “But the reason I had so much fear is because I am in love with you.” It was an incredibly vulnerable confession, but Joe wasn’t ready to give in right away.  “There’s a part of me that loves you, but I shut a lot of that out,” he explained “Could I get there again? I don’t know. I thought it was over. So, there’s a lot I need to feel agin. I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. I just gotta be able to trust you.”

Somehow, Kendall was able to restore that trust back in Joe, and when they appeared together on the reunion special, they confirmed that they’re officially back together. “I didn’t think Kendall and I would ever be a thing. I thought that was it,” Joe admitted. “I felt in my heart that she knew I made a mistake. I wasn’t ready to just get back in it. It was a lot because I was already starting to shut her out of my life. I missed her, but I worked hard to push that away. We went to dinner in Chicago after and then I went to LA a couple times, and it’s good. It really is. I love her. I like waking up next to her. It works. Right now, we’re in a good spot.”

Chris Harrison helped them get back in a better spot, though. Since Kendall and Joe are currently doing long distance between Chicago and L.A., Chris offered Joe a spot on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Starsso he could be in California with Kendall full time — and Joe accepted!…


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